Quick meals

It’s been a hell of a week. Work has been, is being, full on, with mini-crises along the way. And as a result coming home at night, relatively, late, it’s dark, almost wintry, not much thought gone into dinner. Suddenly a Christmas present from a couple of years ago has come into its own … Simon & Alison Holst’s 100 favourite 20 minute dishes. I’ve used it once or twice before, but this week their penne with bacon & mushroom sauce, and their green chicken curry have both proved popular. The good thing, perhaps, they’re not recipes that need to be closely followed. Omit this, replace that … the recipes serve as basic guides. Not fancy food, admittedly, but tasty, healthy. And I thought my side dish of sliced fresh tomatoes (the very last from the garden), drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & dressed with fresh basil (off the kitchen bench, still), chilled in the fridge before serving & at the last minute sprinkled with toasted pine nuts, added a refreshing touch to the pasta.


Still, I’ll be glad when this week’s over & more thought can go into meals again.


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