What to eat after being burgled

Home from the Sounds, and immediately I knew something was wrong. What was my briefcase doing on the garden path? And why was the bedroom window ajar?? Burglars!!! And as soon as we walked in through the front door it was obvious the new-this-year flatscreen telly had gone. But what else? And, if you’re going to take things, why didn’t you take that old stereo!!!


In the event, we were lucky, insofar as there’s anything lucky about being burgled. It had been a professional job, clearly, not too messy … but extra lucky perhaps in that we’d had new carpet laid just before going away so everything basically was packed away in cartons. Making life difficult for the b*st*rds. And, making it difficult for themselves, they swiped the wrong remote, taking the one for the DVD by mistake. Hah! That gave me some small satisfaction.


But, once the initial shock wore off, and the police informed, the question of dinner. Comfort food required obviously, and alcohol, so what better than spaghetti bolognaise with a bottle of red wine? It just works. And at least took the edge off.


Though am still seriously hacked off.


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