Sounds Eating

It is wonderful being in the Sounds again. Was reminded today of lines from some dimly (and perhaps erroneously) recalled home-thoughts-from-abroad poem …

          the peace and calm of Tahuahua

          seagulls, gannets

bombing the bay for breakfast

It’s the tranquillity, the sense of getting away from it all that I love. No road access here, only boat, and at this time of year not so many boats around … and, thank goodness, none of those dreadfully intrusive jet-skis. So it’s just us, the ever-changing sea, the garden, the bush, the birds … a couple of weka, a solitary kereru, flocks of waxeye in the fig tree, a kotare on a power line, lots of bird song from the bush. Bliss. Although – unusually – this time no sight of tui.


It’s also, of course, a place full of family memories. Over 80 years since my grandparents built the house, and we forever bless their foresight. But family memories, family food. Good plain food, perhaps. Today, with the weather suddenly turning cooler, a southerly bringing a chill to the air, we ate lunch indoors. Corn fritters. Now, in Wellington, when we have this for lunch, we give our corn fritters a modern take. But in the Sounds, I reach for the 1968 edition of the GHB cookbook …

1 cup flour

2 tspn baking powder

¼ tspn salt

1 egg

about ½ cup milk

Sift dry ingredients. Beat the egg and add about half the milk. Mix with the dry ingredients and add enough additional milk to make a batter that just pours. Beat well.


There’s the basic batter. Add a drained can of sweet corn (and, today, a small amount of finely chopped red pepper). Corn fritters, easy. And served with crisply grilled Pestell’s manuka-smoked bacon … from the Rai Valley, if it’s true to label, so yes, a local product, and one I always look forward to buying in the Picton supermarket. Thank goodness for something local!


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