Logan Brown

Chocolate. I don’t say enough about chocolate, so … A delicious chocolate dessert at lunch yesterday at Logan Brown, the restaurant in the neo-classical banking chamber of a former bank on Cuba Street, the lunch a treat after several days of packing up the house in preparation for the laying of new carpet, and, indeed, a celebration of the carpet being laid. (Lunch was to have been preceded by taking in the Monet exhibition at Te Papa, but the queues, the queues … suppose it is still holidays for many people … I’ll take my chances and try another time.) But anyway, the lunch … we ate from the limited choice bistro menu, all good, and while I loved the crisp pork belly main, that was up-staged by the chocolate mousse topped with a broken piece of honeycomb … basically hokey pokey, as it’s more commonly called in these parts … with three thin slices of pomegranate poached pear & a spoonful of cream on the side. Washed down with a surprising red wine, Clearview ‘Sea Red’ 2007. Splendid.


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