A word about yeast

The battle to save my favourite loaf hasn’t resulted in an immediate victory … let’s be realistic, it may even be ultimate defeat … so I’ve resorted to baking my own bread. More of that another time, but just want to say how confusing YEAST can be. Or is it choice that is confusing? Because yeast is yeast is yeast, I had thought, when I went to the supermarket. But, back home, why wasn’t the dough rising the way it should? Reading the label (and with the help of my trusty Edmond’s Cookbook) I found that I’d bought something with ‘bread improvers’ in it, requiring rather more than I’d added, being used to dry active yeast. That wasn’t so bad, the bread did rise sufficiently, but the ginger beer I made at the same time ended up with lots of ‘bread improver’ debris floating on the surface. And rather less oomph than is usually the case. Perhaps not a bad thing … certainly less exciting to open.  But anyway, another lesson learned.


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