Blue cheese dressing for pasta

Anchovies & blue cheese make this a pungent coating sauce for pasta, but it’s unexpectedly popular in our household … even gets requested! It’s also one of those dishes, like pizza and potato frittata, that come to the rescue when the cupboard is bare, or you’ve forgotten to take anything out of the freezer. Like tonight. Again! But it’s a dish that needs a good salad accompanying it, I reckon, and it’s another that doesn’t really have a strict recipe.


So, while the pasta’s cooking, gently fry a finely chopped onion and at the same time in a food processor mix together an egg, a clove or two or crushed garlic, some olive oil, salt & pepper. Then thin with the juice of a lemon, add half a tin of anchovies & half a wedge of blue cheese, broken into pieces. Blend altogether, and if necessary add a bit more oil so it’s fairly smooth. Drain pasta, mix cooked onion (the onion adds a bit of texture) & blue cheese dressing through … it should coat the pasta & the heat of the pasta should set the dressing. Sprinkle with liberal amounts of chopped parsley … it needs the garnish, otherwise it looks a bit grey & yukky! But, like I said, has proved repeatedly popular over several years.


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