Pork with leeks & cider

Good-looking leeks at the Sunday market … not like those in the garden … my father said I should have trimmed their roots at planting, but HOW is one supposed to know things like that?? I ask you!!! Anyway, the leeks (and pork on special at the supermarket) had me digging out another old favourite recipe. One which I’ve been making on & off for over twenty years, ever since I found it in a cookbook when I lived in London, in Montagu Square. I think it came from the same book in which I found a rather bizarre recipe for a strawberry & garlic salad. Wonder if I still have that! Do recall making it, and friends being rather taken aback. But anyway, this recipe is delicious comfort food, and with the first pre-winter southerly chill arriving, just the thing.


Rub 4 pork chops with a mix of 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tspn rosemary, 2 tspn English mustard, salt & pepper.  Fry in a hot pan to brown on both sides & place in a casserole dish. Halve two leeks length-wise, rinse, and place on chops. Pour over a mixture of cider (1/2 a pint) & cream (4 tbspn). Top with a mixture of breadcrumbs & grated cheese. Bake covered at 180 C for (at least) an hour, leave uncovered for final 10 minutes to allow top to brown & crisp a little.


I must admit I like to cook this for a little longer than an hour, so the meat is falling off the bone. But that, I guess, is a matter of taste.


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