Yeah, right!

So, I rang the customer service number for Vogel’s bread. Helpful woman at the end of the line who said the only reason for discontinuing the unsliced loaf was low consumer demand. Well, if that’s the case, why does it always seem to be the first to sell out???!!! I feel a campaign coming on!


One thought on “Yeah, right!

  1. Interesting that you get that sort of response from Vogel’s in NZ. Similar experience here in the Uk when I made enquiries a couple of years ago after the ‘original recipe’ loaf disappeared from supermarket shelves, leaving only ‘honey and sunflower’ and one other, neither of which I like and don’t buy. ‘Lack of sufficient demand’ was the reason given for withdrawing one of my favourite breads from sale. A great shame as most bread sold in Uk supermarkets is vile, soft, doughy pap!

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