Save the Vogel’s loaf!

Have just returned from the supermarket. “Have you got any unsliced?” I asked the guy working in the bread section, when I couldn’t see my favourite loaf among the Vogel’s bread selection. “No, they’ve stopped making it,” he said. “Again?” “Permanently,” he assured me. What! The last time the manufacturers did this they trotted out some overly plump ‘celebrity’ cook who prattled on along the lines of, oh yes, it’s a good thing, people are so busy nowadays, they haven’t got time to slice bread. Oh, and they don’t like crumbs. To which the only adult response was to take a deep breath before yelling GET REAL at the TV screen. However, last time the public complained, we got our unsliced loaf back. What’ll happen this time???  I’m going to ring their 0800 100 538 number and complain on Monday. Hope many others do the same!


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