Not that easy after all

On a mission to find a good Thai cook book. Specifically, with an eye on the prize-winning marrow on the kitchen bench, looking for a recipe for those stuffed marrow rounds I had the first night on Doi Tung. Without any immediate success. But, huh, I thought, how hard can it be? So, headed home … peeled & de-seeded slices of the marrow … sat them in a shallow baking dish & filled the centre with a simple mix of seasoned pork mince … added about a cup of vegetable stock & ½ a cup of water … covered with foil and poached in the oven for maybe 45 minutes. Verdict? Well, looked okay but very bland. Maybe chicken stock would have been better? And the stuffing needs work. So, recognising that inventing recipes is clearly beyond me, e-mailed Doi Tung & asked how to do it. Something I should have done earlier, perhaps. Not that I’m expecting any more marrows off the courgette plants this season, but may as well be prepared.


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