Unintended consequences, and more courgettes

It’s an odd thing but, since I decided to try eating a little more seasonally than in the past, and to put more effort into growing veggies, I seem to have been less inclined to eat meat than before. Quite unexpected really. But, after all, when faced with the occasional glut of courgettes, you need to find ways to use them. And while the last couple of plants in the garden here are near the end of their productive lives, in other parts of the country it’s a different story … Lawrence has returned from Hawke’s Bay with a plastic shopping bag full of home-grown courgettes. So, the other night, when meat seemed unappealing, I remembered a dish I call Susie’s pasta, ‘cos it sort of resembles a dish she served up one night in Featherston, oh, years ago. Not exactly a recipe, you have to use your own judgement about quantities. So, here goes … put on a pot of water in which to cook penne pasta … sweat a couple of sliced onions in a large pan. Add sliced mushrooms & zucchinis (I used 4 medium-sized ones the other night). Once they’ve softened and the delicious smell of cooked mushrooms wafts from the pan, add anchovies, olives, basil, freshly grated parmesan. Heat through and at the very end, add roasted unsalted cashews. Mix through cooked pasta, & serve. Goes down a treat.


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