The alpha and the omega: noodle soup

So, we end as we begin. Dining on noodle soup in a food court. This time, however, in Phnom Penh and not the same experience as that at the Mah Boon Krong Centre in Bangkok on the first day of this trip. Here, a duller, dingier floor of food stalls in a low-rise shopping centre, full of Khmer eating, most seeming to opt for deep-fried offerings from the red-and-gold liveried McKing, rather than dishes from any of the various Cambodian food stalls. But it was a friendly eating experience, and the noodle soup a little different from its Thai counterpart … a prawn in with the chicken, wide flat noodles rather than the more usual thin ones, but perhaps the main difference was in the condiments … lentils, chopped chillies, and the adjoining mounds of ground black pepper & salt which, if I understand correctly, you mix together with a squeeze of lime juice. But anyway, very tasty and just what I wanted, with the next 48 hours being filled with hotel and airline food. And an amusing end-note also, with, at the top of the stairs leading down from the food court to the ground floor, a sign warning ‘Caution Slippy Stairs’.


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