Summer drinks

An email from my niece last night, asking for my ginger beer recipe, precipitated a hunt this afternoon for the damn thing, a loose newspaper clipping of course. And of course, while I knew where it should be, it wasn’t … And, even worse, there was no one around to blame! 


This little exercise in frustration did get me thinking a bit about the lemon beer I’ve been making this summer. Lemon beer has rather usurped ginger beer in my kitchen this year … for one thing, it’s not fizzy so not a challenge to open. Though maybe for my 12-year-old niece that fun’s the whole point of ginger beer. Anyway, I’ve been playing with the recipe a little, the lemon beer recipe that is. Have tried different sweeteners – white sugar, brown sugar, honey – and have decided I like brown sugar best … it gives the drink a lemony hue. And I’ve also been adding a couple of leaves of mint to the sliced lemon before adding the boiling water … gives the drink a lovely fresh nose. So I guess now it should be called lemon & mint beer?


But anyway, back to the ginger beer recipe hunt. After a good hour I suddenly thought, why not Google it? Easy enough, because I remembered it was the Hardie Boys family recipe … makers of fine ginger beer. And there it was, along with the article in which I found it. Success. I suppose now I should go and make some.


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