Watermelons for ecstasy

At this time of the year, for a brief period, watermelons are abundant and cheap, and their watery sweetness just has to be enjoyed. Well, that’s my adult perception. As a child I thought they were horrible … they were too PINK and forever spitting out the big black seeds put me off … today, though, they seem to have had the seeds virtually bred out of them, and I’m less pink-averse. So, apart from just cutting out a slice and munching, my favourite way with watermelon is to cut the flesh into cubes, put in a bowl and mix with blueberries – the watermelon chunks need to be small enough to allow both fruits on a spoon when eating – then garnish with sprigs of mint & ice cubes. The perfect end to Saturday’s brunch al fresco.


Oh, and I have to say, I can never think of watermelons with thinking of a desert-dwelling people’s saying I once heard: women for duty, boys for pleasure, watermelons for ecstasy!    


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