Charred courgettes with mint & vinegar

Friends having a party, a post-New-Year-barbecue. Bring something tasty to share, the invitation said. So, with a new cookbook to dip into, Sizzle by Julie Biuso, supposed to be the best barbecue cookbook in the world (according to a gold medallion-shaped sticker on the book’s cover), and the zucchini producing madly, I found this recipe. Very straightforward in the making … courgettes halved and rubbed with olive oil, and after cooking sprinkled with garlic & mint (also from the garden), drizzled with red wine vinegar, seasoned with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Great ingredients. And the end-result was okay, nicely garlicky at least. I wouldn’t rave about it but, to be fair, I did grill the courgettes in the oven 3 hours or so before heading to the party … don’t have a barbecue & wasn’t sure about the etiquette of arriving with food to cook … so maybe my rendition didn’t do justice to the recipe. The courgettes certainly weren’t charred, and that, I suspect, would have helped. Plus, it all looked a bit soggy & washed-out after sitting for a few hours. So I’ll withhold a verdict on that cookbook. And now I think about it, not even sure why I bought it, given my barbecue-less state!


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