January 2nd: zucchini & feta fritters


An interesting fact about courgettes – they look bigger on the plant than they do on the kitchen bench. So, my gardener’s optimism was a little crushed when I found that four courgettes only weighed half of the recipe’s suggested 500 gms. Not difficult, of course, to divide quantities by half and when lunch for two is all that’s required quite a sensible thing to do. However, there’s still room for things to go wrong.


Zucchini and feta fritters


We have both green & golden courgettes in the garden this year, and the combined colours of the grated vegetables looked stunning in the fritters. But perhaps they needed a little more flour, as they were rather sloppy in the pan, difficult to turn … difficult to turn without breaking. However, as it was only lunch for the two of us presentation wasn’t that important. And they were, I have to say, delicious. Slightly crunchy outside, creamy interior. And the chutney served on the side (Barker’s capsicum & apricot) set them off beautifully. Next time though I’ll try goat’s milk feta … the cheaper cow’s milk cheese doesn’t have the same punch.



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